Other Projects

Educational Stuff

My Youtube Channel - I run a YouTube channel with the goal of sharing everything I've learned to make games. If you're interested in learning how to make games or hearing about my story, check it out!


Game Trailers - I produce and edit all of the trailers for my games. You can view them on my Youtube channel.

Music Videos - I've shot and edited a few music videos, mainly for my rap project Whiteboyz Wit Attitude.

Game Development Writing

Staging An Uprising - A postmortem of my experience co-cordinating the Indie Games Uprising III. It was published in one of the final issues of Game Developer Magazine, the premier magazine for professional game developers.

Variety Is the Spice of... Game Development - An article about burnout, the creative process, love and the video game industry.

Going to Church: A Pillar Postmortem - A postmortem for Pillar, developed over two years in various locations including a church!

Converting an XNA4 Game to FNA - A programming tutorial that will walk you through converting an XNA4 project to the open source FNA library.

Political Writing

US On Nuclear Weapons: Do As I Say Not As I Do - A look at the United States' nuclear warheads and policies following Obama's visit to Hiroshima.

My Comments on Illinois' Hyrdraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act - In 2013, Illinois hosted a series of public hearings on hydaulic fracturing. I spoke at one and submitted this for the state's records.


Indie Games Uprising - I co-coordinated the Indie Games Uprisng III in 2012 and the Uprising Tribute in 2015 to showcase over looked games on Xbox Live Indie Games. The Uprising III was featured on the front page of Xbox Live in 2013.


musicForProgramming(); Episode 27 - Ambient music I'd recommend you listening to while doing creative activities.

musicForProgramming(); Episode 48 - I returned for a sequel!

Music Discovery

Favorite Albums 2009 - Present - I compile a list of my favorite albums I've heard each year. I listen to a lot of diferent genres, so hopefully it's useful!