The year is 2007. Two teenage friends, Michael Hicks and Adrian Garcia, are chatting on Yahoo Messenger after a long day at school. They met in 2005 on a Star Wars fan site for the game Star Wars: Battlefront II, but their chats would span a variety of different subjects. Today, it was music...

Adrian: man, what's happened to hip hop? everyone is listening to crank that soulja boy. that guy has NO flow, he just talks slow over the beat

Michael: Isn't that what rap is..... talking?

You see, Adrian was from West Palm Beach and grew up with a love for 90's hip hop. His favorite artist, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, are widely respected for their rapid fire flow. Michael, on the other hand, lived next to a farm and knew next to nothing about rap.

Adrian: dude no... rap is about lyricism and flow, this was a legit art form ten years ago now everything is this stupid dance crap. have you seen chain hang low? if we made a beat and rapped on it itd be just as good

Adrian was joking... but a few days later Michael sent over a beat for the two to work on. They named their group Whiteboyz Wit Attitude, a nod to N.W.A, even though Adrian is Hispanic. WWA went on to make four albums that musically paid homage to 90's rap while poking fun at the current state of hip hop and pop culture. They distributed them among family and friends.

In 2015, the group played their first show near the farm where the joke started. They invited their family and friends expecting this to be the final appearance of the project. However, in that moment something clicked and the two realized WWA were now more relevant than ever. With a newfound determination, they spent two months recording a thirty track album called The Pursuit of Money that mixes both old and new songs to deliver the ultimate WWA experience.

The Pursuit of Money is planned to drop later this year.

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